Sound Check Mama: It's Riley

Riley has bilateral cochlear implants – the first surgery was done in October 2003, the second in April 2007. She was diagnosed with severe to profound, bilateral sensorineural hearing loss at 18 months, which is a long way of saying she could hear virtually nothing because of damage to the cochlea in each ear. Genetic tests revealed the Connexin 26 gene mutation as the cause.

Today she is 7 and excelling in first grade, with a little help from her ADD meds and great teachers. She plays soccer and softball, and she's getting ready for her first dance recital. She loves to sing, jump on the trampoline, read, ride her Big Wheel and swim, and except for her brightly colored ear accessories, she's a normal little girl.

We're so thankful that Children's Hospital is there when we need it, and we're blessed that so many caring people have helped us on this journey to sound. You can read more about that journey at my blog Sound Check Mama.

Ready to hit and run
Riley rocks out to Guitar Hero
Her princess pose at dance class

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