Summer Institute

Once again, the Alabama Ear Institute will have its annual Summer Institute in July. Here's what they say:

"In continued response to requests from educational professionals who are experiencing a growing number of children with hearing loss attending local school systems, the Alabama Ear Institute will once again conduct its annual Summer Institute as a two-week format designed to address the growing concerns and needs of educational professionals who provide services to children with hearing loss in an educational setting."

Look for more information to come and stay tuned to their website (click here).


Alabama Gives

Next Thursday is the big day many Alabama Non-Profits have been waiting for...Alabama Gives. On this day, February 2nd, you will have an opportunity to help Alabama raise millions of dollars for it's non-profit organizations. Here's insider's information...you don't have to wait to donate!

The Alabama Ear Institute is among those selected to receive these donations. Here's what they say:

"Founded in 1992, the Alabama Ear Institute (AEI) continues to be in the forefront of addressing issues that impact all individuals with hearing loss. AEI accomplishes our mission through research, professional & public education and advocacy in the social and public policy arenas.

•AEI partnered with Children's Hospital and founded the Alabama School for Hearing - the only pre-school in the state for children w/hearing loss utilizing an Auditory Oral/Auditory-Verbal approach to developing spoken language (no manual communication is utilized)

•AEI advocacy efforts resulted in re-defining teacher requirements for Teachers of the Deaf in Alabama

•AEI founded the Alabama Newborn Hearing Screening Program (UNHS)

•Alabama recognized in USA Today as one of top 10 UNHS programs in the country..."
So mark your calendars or donate now! It's easy.


Local Mom of Two CI Recipients on Magazine Cover

Jennifer Andress, a local mom to not one but two bilateral cochlear implant recipients (John and Will) can been seen on the cover of one of several versions of July's Runner's World magazine. She and other cancer survivors were selected to be featured and represent the thousands of survivors who lace up those running shoes and go!

She's participated in many runs including half-marathons and marathons as well. Her running shoes have taken her to many different states to participate in these popular events. She recently appeared with Rick Journey on Fox 6 (click here for video)

You can read Bama Ears' previous articles by clicking here. You can view the cover of the magazine and Magic City Post's article on the marathon mom by clicking here.

Bama Ears congratulates Jennifer Andress and says thank you to her for all her efforts in not only raising awareness about childhood hearing loss but being a fantastic resource for parents of newly diagnosed children as well.


Better Hearing and Speech Month

...and we must say goodbye to May 2011 which many of you know was Better Hearing and Speech Month. Here is a poem written from a cochlear implant recipient Laurie Pullins.

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sounds,
When Cochlear saved these ears of mine!
I fought to hear but now I can,
Was deaf but now I hear!

'Twas hearing aids that taught me to hear,
Enough to relieve my fears.
More precious was the world to me
The day new sounds appeared!

My surgeon promised good to me,
Said ears as good as new...
My cochlear implants are my guide and shield,
As long as life endures!

Through many trials, tests, and surgeries
I have already come.
'Tis faith has brought me sounds thus far,
And Cochlear will show me more!

When we've been there ten thousand years,
Still shining in a world of sounds
We've no less days to sing Cochlear's praise
The day we began to hear!

~written by Laurie Pullins/May 2011~
Bilateral Cochlear Implant Recipient


Fox 6 News Features Local Doctor and Children with Hearing Loss

If you missed the 9 p.m. news last night, Dr. Audie Woolley was featured during an interview about cochlear implants. They continued the story right inside the O.R. and even showed patient Olivia's ear as the ear was prepped and ready for insertion of the cochlear implant. Mom to Olivia was interviewed right outside in the waiting area and could not be more grateful for the opportunity Dr. Woolley and his team of professionals are providing for their daughter. They have another child already wearing a cochlear implant.

Within the last few weeks, Fox 6 has featured Lilly Mooresmith (who was also in the Dr. Woolley story demonstrating how to listen) on their show and Gage Blakely as one of Mickey's Weather Kids, all to help promote the upcoming event Hear Me Roar which anchor Janice Rogers is associated with this year. You may have seen the commercial for the event which has been airing for weeks and also contains several photos of children in our area with hearing loss. The Hear Me Roar Dinner and Auction will be on March 31 this year to raise funds for speech and hearing impaired children in Alabama. To find out more about the event, visit the Charity League's website.