Children's HEAR Center Charity Concert

Todd Simpson and Mojo Child, one of Birmingham's most popular Southern rock/blues bands, will be at Workplay on Jan. 9, 2010, with proceeds going to none other than The Children's HEAR Center!

Alabama Power and Tom Williams Lexus graciously sponsored the event sure to attract music fans from all over the state of Alabama.

Order tickets HERE!   and get a sneak peek at the band   HERE!

We thank our sponsors and Todd Simpson and Mojo Child for doing this for the Children's Hospital outpatient clinic – The HEAR Center. This band is no stranger to sell-out shows so order your tickets fast. They are $20 each and on sale now!

Todd is also no stranger to Children's Hospital. Having been born with DiGeorge Syndrome, he's spent many days (and nights) right inside the walls of the Birmingham hospital. If you want to donate to The HEAR Center directly, CLICK HERE to see how. Stay tuned for more on this and other exciting news about Alabama deaf/hard of hearing children.

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