Alabama has a new parent mentoring program for families with children who have hearing loss. It's called PEEPs, Parents Educating & Encouraging Parents. A team of five Parent Mentors will volunteer to work directly with professionals, from Teachers of the Deaf, Early Intervention, speech therapists, doctors, anyone who works with children who have a hearing loss, gathering current and useful information from these sources and serve as an additional support to the families these professionals service. Parent Mentors will connect families with other dedicated Alabama volunteers as well, who guide new families and offer additional support. You can find out more about the PEEPs Program at The Children's HEAR Center or at our blog Alabama PEEPs.

Although the PEEPs program is currently housed at The HEAR Center we are not limited to its patient base. We are a parent group and can service all families in Alabama who can benefit from our mentors. Professionals give PEEPs no patient information. Instead families are offered ways to contact the mentors for support through email and our website.

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