Chronicles of an Extreme ENT III

Please feel free to read the first two stories about Dr. Audie Woolley before you proceed. To read the first edition click here. To read the second edition click here.

For our final installment of Extreme ENT, you’re going to find out where you may find this doctor when he’s not improving the lives of children. But first, we want to tell you where you won’t find him. You won’t find this ENT getting his nails done or going out for a spray tan, he's too busy clubbing...

…at many of the top 100 golf courses in the world that is! He’s won several events in the last decade and has played the game since he was ten years old. He’s even played in Scotland and Ireland twice. He’s never hit a hole in one despite all his efforts but he’ll keep trying I'm sure.

You won’t see the doctor in a pair of plaid pants either, but you may be surprised that you could find him in a pair of camouflaged ones. He grew up an avid deer hunter and though he doesn’t get to go as often now, you could possibly find him in a field somewhere during turkey season, but you will have to look really close because he does have several pieces of camo in his wardrobe.

You won’t find Dr. Audie Woolley getting his hair and make-up done either…or would you?

If he’s at the Indian Princess Campout with his daughter Emme, you might actually find just that. She painted him up just right for their campout event where he claims all of the dad’s were painted by their daughters.

You won’t find him spending his vacations learning a new trade such as sewing or baking, he has to be outdoors! Every year, he takes his three boys with him on a wild and dangerous, energy packed and fun filled scenic adventure. This year they went on a 100-mile mountain biking trip in Utah. But they’ve traveled to Yellowstone, Ocoee River, the Grand Canyon…if it’s adventurous, they’ve either already done it, or have it on their “to do” list. Next year, they take on Peru.

Whether he’s getting his face painted by his daughter, or standing on the edge of a cliff with his sons, this doctor is quite extreme at work and at play. Give this man a Dave Matthew’s Band song and he can stand for hours in the operating room in attempt to help a child hear. Give him a good pair of hiking shoes and he’ll climb up to the highest cliff. For this father of four, it’s got to be extreme!

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