Bama's Bright Light

Rachel from "Signing Time" with Julie and Adele

This month, Bama Ears is shining its bright light on Julie Brandrup, mom to Adele and Margo. This busy mom just returned from Chicago where the CHARGE conference was held this year. If she and daughter Adele look familiar, it may be because they have been in many magazines and on TV as well, featured in Blue Cross/Blue Shield advertisements. Before she had Adele, Julie actually worked in advertising and branding. She says that her experience in finding the positive angles of each product and enhancing them has really come in handy since she's become a mother to a special needs child.

Julie has a positive outlook on everything, right down to her own health. She's had two back surgeries since having Adele (one while pregnant with her now 2-1/2-year-old). She notes that despite all of that, she rediscovered her love for swimming, which became helpful for her postsurgery back. She was also forced to rely on some great baby-sitters since she couldn't even lift anything for six weeks after her surgeries. Those sitters also come in handy when she and her husband have their date night, which has always remained somewhere on their busy calendars. Julie and her husband Jay actually share more than this lovely family – they also share the same birthday (Julie is older by two hours). They can often be found at the annual "Rhinestones and Wranglers" charity event held by The Charity League of Birmingham, or other charity events for UCP and the Bell Center . Jay is actually on the Fundraising Campaign Committee for the Bell Center and a UCP board member. Julie says her husband and family have been unbelievably supportive through everything. She also says,

"I am also thankful to God, who undoubtedly provides the strength I need every day to rise to the challenges of having a child with special needs; without Him we would be a big mess."

We are proud to be shining Bama's Bright Light on Mrs. Julie Brandrup. Next week, read more about Adele's experiences and how she is learning to communicate and how her little sister Margo is also picking up language in a variety of forms as well! Julie helps many families each time she shares Adele's background, and we are pleased to bring you more in next week's article.

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