Fox 6 News Features Local Doctor and Children with Hearing Loss

If you missed the 9 p.m. news last night, Dr. Audie Woolley was featured during an interview about cochlear implants. They continued the story right inside the O.R. and even showed patient Olivia's ear as the ear was prepped and ready for insertion of the cochlear implant. Mom to Olivia was interviewed right outside in the waiting area and could not be more grateful for the opportunity Dr. Woolley and his team of professionals are providing for their daughter. They have another child already wearing a cochlear implant.

Within the last few weeks, Fox 6 has featured Lilly Mooresmith (who was also in the Dr. Woolley story demonstrating how to listen) on their show and Gage Blakely as one of Mickey's Weather Kids, all to help promote the upcoming event Hear Me Roar which anchor Janice Rogers is associated with this year. You may have seen the commercial for the event which has been airing for weeks and also contains several photos of children in our area with hearing loss. The Hear Me Roar Dinner and Auction will be on March 31 this year to raise funds for speech and hearing impaired children in Alabama. To find out more about the event, visit the Charity League's website.

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