Better Hearing and Speech Month

...and we must say goodbye to May 2011 which many of you know was Better Hearing and Speech Month. Here is a poem written from a cochlear implant recipient Laurie Pullins.

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sounds,
When Cochlear saved these ears of mine!
I fought to hear but now I can,
Was deaf but now I hear!

'Twas hearing aids that taught me to hear,
Enough to relieve my fears.
More precious was the world to me
The day new sounds appeared!

My surgeon promised good to me,
Said ears as good as new...
My cochlear implants are my guide and shield,
As long as life endures!

Through many trials, tests, and surgeries
I have already come.
'Tis faith has brought me sounds thus far,
And Cochlear will show me more!

When we've been there ten thousand years,
Still shining in a world of sounds
We've no less days to sing Cochlear's praise
The day we began to hear!

~written by Laurie Pullins/May 2011~
Bilateral Cochlear Implant Recipient


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